Phi U

How our partnership began

For a long time, he was internally nicknamed “Slow Tailor ” J. However, we have a found a very good reason for this. Phi U is very conscientious in the execution of our orders and attaches high importance to a qualitative processing of our products. Thus, the name, with its negative connotation, became a very positive characteristic, which we appreciate very much.

What we like about Phi U

We particularly like that he has a purely family-run company and that friends and acquaintances have found secure and decently paid jobs at Phi U`s sewing facilities. The head of the sewing department is lovingly called mother by Phi U and bears Mae (Thai for mother) before her name, which is a very respectful affix. This is an example of the friendly and respectful basis on which the company structures are built. The production takes place at the tailors’ homes, since they can save themselves time consuming journeys, work flexibly and keep an eye on their children and grandchildren.

Formation of the company

Phi U started selling cosmetics in Chiang Mai. Coincidentally, the nanny of his new born son gave him the idea to produce and sell ethnic clothing for tourists in Chiang Mai. She enjoyed a professional training as a seamstress and with Phi U at her side as a businessman, the idea of starting a new business seemed exciting and promising. Both have already won several competitions in Chiang Mai and are proud of a small fashion show in Ireland where their products were presented.

Key data of the company

The family-run company has existed for about 10 years and, as Phi U proudly tells us, is named after his son. Loose company structures and a small number of employees clearly differ from conventional and profit-oriented manufactories. The employees and their families are the focus of attention and an assignment can sometimes be delayed due to important family festivities. Knowing Thai culture very well, we like that of Phi U as employer!

What he is particularly good at

From the very beginning, we have been impressed by the fact that the materials Phi U uses are exposed to hot steam before production. This prevents the garments from shrinking after the first wash. He also has a lot of beautiful weaving patterns in his assortment, which we use as decorative elements in virblatt clothes and thus create a very own alternative style. The combination of cotton and ethnic patterns makes Phi U clothing interesting and clearly distinguishes itself from mainstream clothing.

Values of the company

The company is small and employs only a handful of people. These family-like structures allow Phi U to focus on his family and employees. If you are looking for big impressive cars in your yard, you will not find what you are looking for. You will only find a small scooter. The money collected is not invested in unlimited growth, but in a harmonious life for employees and their families. This is not unusual in the land of smiles, but it always impresses us anew.


virblatt creates new products and collections together with Phi U in regular meetings. Ideas flow into decision-making processes and are pulled together. Problems can also occur in every business relationship and not always everything runs smoothly. Just recently Phi U informed us that a pattern for one of our bestsellers is currently not available and he had not ordered enough. This problem does not leave us cold, but we knew that we could only find a solution together. Together we went to the weaving mill and selected new, detailed ethnic fabric. This is how new opportunities arise from difficulties – together!


Phi U explained to us that he does not pursue the goal to increase his production capacities drastically. With Phi U we would therefore like to focus on alternative materials, which are usually more expensive to buy but can also be produced in small quantities. The partnership with Phi U is an excellent opportunity for this. Finally, we would like to emphasize that we are happy to have made this exciting acquaintance with Phi U and we are looking forward to another exciting year and a promising time in the direction of alternative materials. Thank you Phi U!

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