Harem pants

Harem pants from virblatt

Our harem pants are characterized by a medium-deep cut. In contrast to the Genie pants, the harem pants are cut higher making them the perfect starter model in the world of alternative clothing. Harem pants from virblatt are available in different styles, colors and with different patterns.

Tradition meets modernity

Most of our harem pants are decorated with hand-woven scarves. Modern ethnic clothing for people with an alternative lifestyle. The woven scarves are lovingly made by the Naga hill tribes of Thailand and Laos. They have a long tradition and serve as an expression of the identity of these indigenous people. Since these scarves are very diverse and one piece can be used in several pants, the pattern can differ from a pair of harem pants to the other. However, this is what makes your harem pants unique.

Harem pants for men and women

virblatt harem pants are mostly unisex and they made are for both men and women. Thanks to the incorporated elastic waistband, they also fit any standard size and are comfortable to wear in our daily routine. Our harem pants for men and women can be worn in matching outfits. Just try it out. It is fun! If that is not wild enough, we even have children harem pants coming up.

GOA pants

Harem pants are also known as GOA pants or GOA harem pants. The expression comes from the very well-known GOA parties in Europe which are a legacy of the hippie culture of the GOA Island. Psychedelic music and spiritual substances are the essential features of such gatherings. GOA pants matches perfectly with the evening backdrop of black light tubes and brightly painted decorative elements. Though everyone is not into it, it is still fun to watch.

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