Alternative clothing

Alternative clothing from virblatt

virblatt has set itself the goal of offering its customers and friends a real alternative to the mass-produced clothing. We only work with small family factories in Northern Thailand and Nepal and cooperate with our suppliers on an equal footing. For us, it is important to know where your harem pants come from, who produced them and under what circumstances. Regular visits to our partners guarantee fair production of our alternative clothing.

We have not yet reached our destination. In the coming months we will strive to further expand our product range with alternative materials such as hemp and bamboo.

New hemp clothing collection

The first step towards sustainable materials has already been taken. Our new backpack collection is made of 100 % hemp and with hand-woven patterns of Asian hill tribes. Alternative clothing for us does not only entail the conditions under which our products are manufactured but also the type of raw materials which are found in our clothes. So we want to be a pioneer and continuously expand our product line. We are proud to offer our first hemp bags and hemp backpacks on our online shop. Here you can find our hemp clothing.

What does alternative clothing mean?

Are you interested in alternative clothing and want to know where your clothing comes from? It precisely for this reason that we are launching the blog, so you can accompany us on our journey. Everything doesn’t just fall in place from one day to the next, we encounter obstacles, but we are all motivated to take a step in the right direction.

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