It was great that so many of you took part in our brainstorming! Here is an overview of all the ideas we can make from our waste materials. We have divided them into different categories. This list is dynamic and can be extended at any time. So if you’ve got any ideas, please let us know! ­čśë


  • Patchwork Picnic Blanket
  • tea towels
  • pillowcases
  • bed linen
  • hammocks


  • dungarees
  • harem pants
  • slippers


  • hairbands
  • Scarves for turban
  • Jewellery with fabric
  • purse
  • key fob
  • mobile phone cases
  • glasses case
  • camera straps


  • fabric pockets
  • carrier bags
  • small bags
  • pouch pockets

Children’s clothing

  • children’s clothing
  • children’s footwear

Further ideas

  • Donations to people who want to learn how to sew
  • As decorative elements on clothing

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