Ethnic clothing

We learned a lot from our travels through Southeast Asia and invigorated our love for special and natural ethnic clothes in fancy designs as ethnic clothing for men and women. Ethnology does not only serve as modern fashion for men and women, but also as an understanding of foreign tribes. Most of the major ethnic groups in Southeast Asia, including the Hmong, Lahu, Karen or Akha are divided into several groups. It is especially the customary colors, weaving and so-called folklore elements of these cultures that are integrated into our alternative clothing. The ethnic fashion from virblatt combines filigree crafted with high-quality natural materials and highest standards of quality and sustainable production.

Ethno look

Loose- fitting clothing, many colors and prints. This constitutes the ethnic look. Different cultures are combined in one look. Whether Oriental, African, Native American or Asian, the ethnic look combines traditional and fashionable elements of different cultures. You can style your entire outfit in ethnic look or emphasize the features with accessories. At virblatt, you will find the right piece for your ethno look. Your creativity knows no limits.

Ethnic fashion collection

Natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and bamboo are used in our current ethnic fashion collection of harem pants, hemp backpacks, hemp shoes, Goa dresses with detailed printing. The textiles in ethnic style with elaborate decorations and patterns do not only look gorgeous, but have a comfortable feel due to the alternative materials. They are durable and have a smaller environmental footprint. Hemp shoes and hemp backpacks are ethnic clothing as well as pullovers and jackets in ethnic style.

Ethnic clothing

Our jackets and pullovers in ethnic fashion are individually designed, have soft structures and are characterized by their ethnic material and color mix. As with our other garments, our ethnic clothing for men are dominated by natural colors such as earth and green shades. Accents are provided by pockets, hoods, patchwork decorations and colorful weavings.

Hemp bags and backpacks

Our bags and backpacks in the field of ethno fashion complete your ethno look and should not be missing in the ethnic fashion for women. Our hemp bags are colorful, imaginative, ornate, and of course functional. They can be very good with the other ethnic fashion combine of virblatt.

Our bags and backpacks complete your ethno look in the area of ethnic fashion and should not be missed in the ethnic fashion for ladies. Our hemp bags are colorful, imaginative, preciously decorated and of course functional. They can be combined very well with other ethnic fashion from virblatt.

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