Genie pants

The classic among the Chiller pants

Genie pants from virblatt are cut very deep and offer the highest wearing comfort. Just the loose, lightweight and airy feel has made the Genie pants very popular. They originally come from Asia and the Arab region. You have probably already seen young people strolling with them through the pedestrian zones.

Genie pants for men and women

virblatt Genie pants are mostly unisex. Genie pants can thus be worn by men and women. This is what makes this type of pants so special. Genie pants are for everyone. Thanks to an elastic waistband, they can also be worn flexibly and fit many different sizes. If the Genie pants are perhaps too tight or too short, virblatt also offers extra-long models.

Individual patterns for individual people

Many of our Genie pants are decorated with hand-woven patterns of Asian Naga hill tribes. These indigenous people have passed on the elaborate tradition of hand weaving for generations. This craftsmanship is enshrined as an integral part of their identity and gives a special expression to the fate of these people.

We are pleased to support them on their very own journey.

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